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Ms. Ryan Hitchcock



Practical Pet Care offers the perfect guilt free solution for what to do with your loved one while you are away or just working long hours. Check out all of our services to decide which one best suits your individual needs.




(Transportation services and Dog washing available)


K-9 camp is a non-traditional kennel located on a small farm in north Gwinnett County. We are an owner operated, personalized boarding and daycare facility housing on average 6 to 10 dogs. Here on the farm we can guarantee each camper receives a great deal of individual attention not found with the larger facilities. We provide a safe, friendly environment for healthy pets to run, jump, and play with others while enjoying all the sights and sounds of life on a farm. 



Camp Amenities


  • Large, natural outdoor play yards provide healthy, well socialized dogs a safe and friendly, supervised environment to run and play with friends of the same size and activity levels. The play yards are surrounded by all the farm residents which provide campers hours of endless entertainment. Campers have access to fresh water daily, a variety of community toys and in the summer, splash time in the wadding pools.
  • Individual play yards available for family groups (3 or more), pets with other social restrictions or for owners who request them. Individual yards have the same amenities as the large group play yards but provide protection to exercise and interact without causing harm to themselves or anyone else.
  • Spacious indoor playroom for pets with good house manners that prefer the indoors. Playroom has a selection of comfy beds and an assortment of community toys. A perfect place for campers enjoy  " hanging out " with friends on  hot summer afternoons or chilly winter days.
  • Comfortable climate controlled indoor sleeping dens offer each camper a safe, individual space where they can wind down, enjoy a good meal and a peaceful night's sleep. Solid divider panels between each den offer campers privacy from their neighbors. Dividers are removed between family members so they may enjoy the same side by side sleeping as they do at home, but can enjoy a good meal without his/her sibling stealing from them. Family sized dens also available.


 Here at camp your pet will be given the opportunity to learn how to socialize well with others and be able to practice those skills regularly. K-9 Camp wants to make your pet's stay as enjoyable and stress - free as possible. We understand each pet is an individual, and we'll go above and beyond to make sure that he/she gets the specific care they need.


How new dogs are introduced into the camp pack :

  In order for your dog to feel safe , remain calm and have a smooth integration, we first allow them to settle into their surroundings before introducing them to any campers. They are then evaluated to see which group best suits him/her. When ready, they are introduced to another well socialized dog(s) selected for bringing out the best in every variety of personalities. Our goal is for your pet to accept his new friends and the surroundings at his own pace. With over 18 years of experience, studying canine behavior and having a back ground in training, we have actually found that dogs without previous socialization can become comfortable, confident and even acquire new friends. By nature dogs are social animals and thrive when allowed to interact and play with other dogs.

 Camp Rates


  First dog........................................$12. a day

  Each additional sibling.................$10. a day




  Daycare services provided at no additional

  charge to all overnight campers.

  No additional fees apply for administering

  pets normal regiment of medications.  


  First dog...(over 10 pounds)......$ 16. a night

  First dog...(under 10 pounds)....$ 14. a night

  Each additional sibling..............$ 14. a night 


  All campers over the age of 7mo. that are not

  fixed will be charged an additional fee of

  $2. per night.  

  Cats............................................$ 14. a night   





  Under 20lbs.…………….........$ 15. per dog

  20lbs and up.............................$ 18. per dog

   *Long Hair .............................$22




  Outside I-285…................….....$15 per trip

  Inside I-285................................$20 per trip

  Depending upon the mileage additional

  fees may apply  



Camp Regulations:

 This is a home based business. To ensure that someone will be here to assist you, ALL Pick ups and Drop offs from Camp are done by APPOINTMENT ONLY between 8AM and 8PM

Transportation to/from Camp can be arranged Monday thru Friday between 11AM and 2PM. Holidays excluded.

To ensure the safest environment for all campers, we require:

·      Vaccinations: All K-9 campers must provide written proof from your local Veterinarian that they are current on vaccinations; including Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella. (Vaccinations provide the best protection when given at least one week prior to boarding.) Puppies 12 weeks and over must have at least 2 series of puppy vaccines before attending any camp activities.

·      Flea control: To ensure all campers come and go pest free, we require everyone to be on a topical flea treatment program and to have been  administered within the past  three weeks (approved brands : Frontline, Advantage, K-9 Advantix or Revolution). Any dog found to have fleas when entering any camp activities will be given capstar and you will be charged a $10. fee per pet.

·      Healthy: All dogs must be free of any signs of illness or ill health including but not limited to: diarrhea, loose stool, yellow/green eye discharge, vomiting, or unexplained skin rash. If your dog has any signs of illness a written explanation from your veterinarian will be required before being allowed into camp.

·      Collars: All dogs should arrive and leave Camp on a leash. While at camp we remove all collars with tags, as they have posed problems with getting caught in the fencing and the mouths of other playmates. If you would like your collar to remain on, please remind us each time your dog comes to Camp. No choke chains allowed.

·      Spayed/Neutered:  Due to the pushy and territorial behaviors of unaltered dogs and to ensure we provide the best protection for all campers, all animals over the age of 7 months that are not spayed or neutered will be provided an individual play yard and will be charged an additional fee ($2./ night )

·      No aggressive dogs: Dogs that are known to be aggressive towards people or show signs of being aggressive towards me will NOT be accepted to camp.


Camp Checklist:

  • Camp agreement/ Information sheet: If you e mail prior to your drop off day, to receive copies, you may then fill them out and bring them with you. This allows time to fill out the paperwork and helps to speed up your drop off time. You may also download them HERE

  • Copy Vaccinations  ( see above requirements)

  • Food: To eliminate any unnecessary digestive upsets, we ask that you provide us with your pet’s normal brand of food. Please bring only enough that will be eaten during their stay. If you do not provide us with any food he/she will be fed Iams adult and you will be charged an additional $2./day. Remember to bring any meds your pet may need while you are away. Please bring medications in the original, labeled container. No additional fees for administering medications. 

  • Blanket or Toy: All bedding, toys and bowls are supplied by Practical Pet Care. However, we do encourage you to bring a security blanket/towel or toy from home. Please keep in mind that all bedding should be small enough to fit in the washing machine and not be missed if it is destroyed or stolen by another camper.





 We provide specialized care in the comforts of home. Over 18 years experience working with a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals.


Serving areas of: Lawrenceville, Dacula, Auburn, Carl, Winder, Statum, Bold Springs, and Bethlehem. Please check with us if you do not see your area listed.


Prior to your leaving town, we will come out to do a free set up visit. This visit allows us to become familiar with your pet(s) , learn their daily routines and where supplies are located.

  • Monitor pets health
  • Provide fresh food/water
  • Provide love and attention
  • Administer any necessary medications
  • Provide exercise/ potty breaks
  • Clean out and remove litter box waste
  • Mail/ newspaper pick up
  • Rotation of any requested lights

All visits last approximately 30 minutes long and are customized to fit you and your pets specific needs.


Pet Sitting (within 10 mile radius)

1 visit per day........................ $25

2 visits per day....................... $45

Farm quotes are determined during the free setup visit, once we have discussed your particular needs and the services that will be required.